Elevating Brands Through More Sustainable Packaging

How do you see consumer behavior changing in response to environmental issues?

Unquestionably, consumers are increasingly environmentally aware and will often avoid products that are over packaged. Disposal also has an impact, for example composite materials that are hard to separate or not widely recycled can affect purchasing decisions. For me it is a given when creating packaging to consider the material reduction and recycling options. Likewise, reusability is important as closed loop packaging systems may require more durable materials allowing further use.


How do you feel Avery Dennison RBIS can elevate the unboxing experience?

Packaging is all the things we love and all the things we loathe at the same time. As consumers, we love the unwrapping process and the surprise of a new purchase yet, we hate seeing it quickly discarded as trash. At Avery Dennison we look to aid the the former without the environmental impacts of the latter. To do this we focus on renewable resources and recyclability, as well as considering the end user of the product; who they are, where they are and how they will interact with the packaging.


For me it is a given when creating packaging to consider the material reduction and recycling options.

What role can packaging play in transparency?

Companies of all shapes and sizes recognize the value of packaging that addresses environmental issues. This approach may be led by pressure of legislation or by cost, but first there is often a genuine desire by all stakeholders in the supply chain to reduce the impact packaging has on natural resources and waste. Smart technology sees a future of packaging that is customizable and can impart a wealth of information to the end consumer, from waste transparency to track and trace efficiency to marketing experiences.


How do you see the appearance of packaging evolving due to the influence of commodity packaging used by the online retail giants?

While we recognize the brand-building experience packaging has facilitated to date, it now needs to solve environmental challenges and new use cases, such as our ambition to create a reusable solution with a low carbon footprint. As well as function, protection and storage through the many touch points of the supply chain is paramount. Pack orientation may change to fit through a standard letter box, while graphics may need to be on the inside of the box to provide an enhanced unboxing experience while concealing its identity in the postage system.



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Learn more about Caroline Hughes,
Head of Packaging

How I inspire my team:
At the end of a product cycle, we have to react quickly, so staying constructive, positive, and encouraging goes a long way in getting the best results from my team.

What influences my designs:
Successful packaging has to protect the product and identify the brand. A big creative driver for me is graphic design. But there are many aspects I have to take into consideration: color, texture, material, environmental impact, and brand perception.

The future of packaging:
Personalization will become more important for brands. Smart technology is also a key brand-enabler, it will provide whole wealth of information for the consumer.

Caroline Hughes
Global Senior Manager, Packaging (UK)