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Avery Dennison nets NBA license agreement to produce on-court and retail Embelex items

Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY), a global materials science and digital identification solutions company, has announced an agreement with NBA Properties, Inc. (“NBAP”) to license National Basketball Association (NBA) team marks, logos, fonts and more in the production of on-court and retail apparel embellishments.

Avery Dennison showcases digital ID innovations to textile industry delegates at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics Expo 2023

Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY), a global leader in materials science and digital identification solutions, is inviting Intertextile 2023 attendees to discover the potential of bridging the physical and digital realms with advanced digital identification solutions for apparel.

Avery Dennison and Wolverhampton Wanderers team up to create historic event jersey

Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY), a global leader in materials science and digital identifications solutions, announces collaboration with the renowned UK Premier League side Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) as part of a project to engage their fanbase in the UK and US.


Transforming textile recycling: Avery Dennison and TEXAID unveil innovative collaboration

Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY), a global leader in materials science and digital identification solutions, today announced it has joined forces with TEXAID, a renowned European company specializing in the collection, sorting, repair, reselling and recycling of used textiles. The partnership aims to address the challenges of textile waste management ahead of incoming regulatory changes in the EU.

Avery Dennison’s Digital Care Labels help Swijin performance wear dive deeper into sustainability

 Avery Dennison, a global leader in materials science and digital identifications solutions, today announced its partnership with Swijin, a Swiss-based revolutionary and sustainable performance wear brand. Three new sustainable and digitally connected products from the SwimRunner collection by Swijin will be available online from June 2023, each featuring Avery Dennison’s Digital Care Labels, powered by connected product cloud.

Avery Dennison scores strategic partnership position with LALIGA

As part of LALIGA's focus on fan engagement, the sleeve badges will be embedded with smart technology. Fans can use their phones to scan the official embellishments on their jersey to reveal a unique LALIGA experience.

Curious about how the ACP European Textile-to-Textiles are going?

Together with our partner, Accelerating Circularity, we have been involved in the ACPE pilots which will serve as a testing ground for circularity, transparency and traceability. Our collaboration supports upcoming digital product passport requirements from the European Union to track and trace post-consumer spent textiles from the sorting facilities to the recyclers and back into yarn, fabric and garment manufacturers. Find the Project Europe update here.

Avery Dennison participating at ITMA 2023, in Milan from June 8 -14

We are thrilled to announce that we will be participating in one of the textile industry's most significant and influential events of the year - ITMA 2023, to be held in Milan from June 8-14. This event brings together the industry's leading players to showcase the latest textile and garment manufacturing technologies, materials, and machinery. Participating presents us with a tremendous opportunity to showcase our suite of solutions to optimize performance for the apparel industry.

Avery Dennison Completes Acquisition of Lion Brothers

Today, we completed the acquisition of Lion Brothers a leading designer and manufacturer of apparel brand embellishments. Lion Brothers is now a part of the Apparel Solutions business within the Solutions Group of Avery Dennison, significantly expanding our Embelex portfolio.

Made to Mention 09


Escape the chaos and explore the unconventional with our latest edition of Made to Mention. Discover how the 'joyconomy' and digital identity can unlock new possibilities. Hear from Claudia Glass, CEO of Swijin, on how nature and transparency go hand in hand. Learn how luxury insights inform sports engagement strategies. Plus, our creative vision comes to life with Hitchcock-inspired digital fabrics. Let's make great things happen together. #madetomention #possibilities #inspiration


Case Study: LILANZ

Avery Dennison helps LILANZ pioneer innovation, deepen digital transformation and accelerate business expansion

Avery Dennison signs definitive agreement to acquire Lion Brothers

Today, we announce that we have reached a definitive agreement to acquire Lion Brothers, a leading designer and manufacturer of apparel brand embellishments.

Digital Consumer Behavior 2.0

Our latest report, “Digital Consumer Behavior 2.0” in partnership with GWI, analyses how technology, the cost of living crisis and changing consumer sentiment are transforming the fashion marketplace.

Avery Dennison & The Premier League present The Name Behind The Numbers

For the first time since 2017 - and only the third time in the league’s existence - the Premier League is announcing a new name and number font to be worn beginning with the 2023/24 season onward. And the league turned to Avery Dennison for support.


Mothers@Work: providing maternity protection and breastfeeding support in the workplace

Avery Dennison teams up with UNICEF to expand the reach of the Mothers@Work program in Bangladesh, to protect maternity rights and strengthen breastfeeding support in the ready-made garment workplace.


Avery Dennison Acquires Thermopatch

Avery Dennison announced today that it has completed its acquisition of Thermopatch, a leader specializing in labeling, embellishments, and transfers for the sports, industrial laundry, workwear and hospitality industries.


Avery Dennison strengthens its circularity ambitions with investment in Circ

Avery Dennison invests in Circ, a U.S.-based chemical recycler focused on harvesting new yarns from mixed textile waste. This partnership represents Avery Dennison's collaborative approach to providing solutions to enable the circular economy.


Digital Product Passports: The Gateway to Fashion Eco-Law Compliance

In the EU and North America, legislation is being introduced that makes it mandatory for garment information to be available digitally. Apparel companies need digital tools to track, trace and report on their garments.

In this free guide, we explore Digital Product Passports – why you need them, what’s possible with them, and how to take action now.


Avery Dennison signs agreement to acquire Thermopatch

Avery Dennison's intention to acquire Thermopatch, a leader in industrial laundry labeling, heat transfers and emblems on textiles, advances the company's strategy to drive growth in external embellishments.

Made to Mention 08: Connected Demand

Volatility and uncertainty is calling on the apparel industry to embrace digital transformation. Failing to adopt will impact the operational resilience of retail brands and garment manufacturers alike.

In the latest edition of Made to Mention, we look at trends and insights relating to Supply Chain Connectivity, Factory Automation and The Future of Retail, that can help you to stay ahead.

Avery Dennison Becomes Official Embellishment Partner of the Sacramento Kings

Avery Dennison is the Official Embellishment Partner of the Sacramento Kings for the duration of the 22/23 NBA season. We’re working with their team on a number of different fanwear customization opportunities throughout the season.

Cleveland Cavaliers name Avery Dennison as Official Embellishment Partner

Avery Dennison has inked a long term partnership with the Cleveland Cavaliers that will see the two Ohio based companies partner on community driven initiatives over many years. Avery Dennison is also featured as the sponsor on all Cavs warm-up tops and shooting shirts.

Avery Dennison partners with Japanese streetwear brand Undercover for Autumn Winter 2022 collection

Known for its unique streetwear-meets-high-fashion aesthetic, this collection sees Takahashi dig into British-American filmmaker Hitchcock’s* psychological thrillers, and curate snippets of film to elevate everyday garments. These suits, jackets and coats from the Undercover collection are constructed with full panels of high definition, digitally-woven fabrics, as well as impeccably detailed patches carefully created by Embelex™.

San Francisco 49ers name Avery Dennison as team's official  cutting-edge embellishment partner

Avery Dennison has become the official cutting-edge embellishment partner of the San Francisco 49ers and will introduce digital connectivity into select 49ers Fanatics merchandise in the form of smart embellishments and digital labels.

Introducing Embelex, the industry-defining ecosystem for on-product branding from Avery Dennison

Embelex brings brands to life through customization, personalization and smart solutions. Combining decades of materials science innovation with secure, global inventory management and supply chain solutions, Embelex powers new possibilities for the world’s most creative and dynamic brands. 

Avery Dennison acquires TexTrace

Avery Dennison Corporation announced that it has acquired TexTrace AG, (“TexTrace”), a technology developer that specializes in custom-made woven and knitted RFID products which can be sewn onto or inserted into garments.


Avery Dennison has acquired Rietveld (RTVPRINT), a full service provider of embellishment solutions and application and printing methods for performance brands and team sports in Europe. Together, we can further expand our business and drive growth for External Embellishments.


Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovation and materials science, branding, and manufacturing, furthers its partnership with BYBORRE, the Amsterdam-based textile innovation studio, through exhibiting cutting-edge on demand manufacturing tools at the Window of Textile Opportunities™ (WoTO) showroom.


Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovation, materials science, branding and manufacturing, and Shenzhou International Holdings Ltd., one of the world’s largest vertically-integrated knitwear manufacturers, hosted a grand opening event for the launch of ADX Lab Ningbo, an experience hub co-created by the two innovators, located in Ningbo, China.


Ambercycle, Avery Dennison’s first partner for its digital care label, converts end-of-life textile ‘waste’ into new yarns for apparel brands and manufacturers. Its garments are created from polyester textiles that were destined for landfill, but are instead broken down to a molecular level, turned into pellets, and then spun into Cycora yarns which can be processed by garment manufacturers in the same way as virgin yarns.


Substance by Adobe collaboration powers digital texturing and material technology to enable real-world visualizations of branding and embellishments, enhancing speed and sustainability of apparel production 


The innovative partnership will extend brand experiences to consumers through product authentication


Steps we are taking in support of our teams and customers.

Unmade Announces Partnership with Avery Dennison

September, 2019
Global fashion software company Unmade announced today a partnership with Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovative materials science, branding and manufacturing. 

Avery Dennison produces newly designed badge for the Premier League Asia Trophy

July, 2019
For the first time in the history of the competition, a new sleeve badge embedded with smart digital technology will be used in this month’s Premier League Asia Trophy courtesy of global branding and labelling manufacturer Avery Dennison.

Enabling transparency and visibility across the fashion supply chain 

Improving transparency and visibility in the fashion supply chain helps avoid waste and create a sustainable circular economy.

Media Coverage

Random Branding On Apparel: A Hot Trend Powered by Heat Transfer Technology

Avery Dennison’s Embelex garment embellishment division has the capacity to flex from producing a million items embellished with heat transfer logos.

September 2022

How Footwear Brands Are Leveraging Partnerships And Materials As Demand For Sustainability Grows

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability initiatives in the fashion world right now—but what about the footwear vertical?

September 2019

Avery Dennison Teams with Plastic Bank to Further the Circular Economy

When the Ellen MacArthur Foundation made the startling prediction that by 2050 there could be more plastic in the world’s ocean than fish (by weight), it made big news. And for good reason. But along with the headlines, came action plans by corporations both big and small.

September 2019

The Latest ‘Circular Fashion’ Technologies

From AI to IoT to dedicated “upcycling” factories, the imprint of circular economy technology for fashion is sharpening.

August 2019

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Unmade Announces Partnership with Avery Dennison

September, 2019
Global fashion software company Unmade announced today a partnership with Avery Dennison, a global leader in innovative materials science, branding and manufacturing. 

Avery Dennison produces newly designed badge for the Premier League Asia Trophy

July, 2019
For the first time in the history of the competition, a new sleeve badge embedded with smart digital technology will be used in this month’s Premier League Asia Trophy courtesy of global branding and labelling manufacturer Avery Dennison.

Avery Dennison to showcase alternatives for a sustainable future at Copenhagen Fashion Summit

May 7, 2019
Global leader in innovative materials science and manufacturing, Avery Dennison looks to the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2019 as a pivot point for the global fashion industry. As the event’s principal sponsor, the company is harnessing the summit’s focus on sustainability to present tangible initiatives that enable actionable industry-wide change.

Avery Dennison Partner with 1017 ALYX 9SM Allowing Consumers to ‘Track to the Rack’

May 15, 2019
Brand transparency is more important than ever to consumers, who express growing concerns over sustainable and ethically-sourced fashion, alongside clothing provenance. This ‘track to the rack’ capability is a response to those concerns and allows consumers and brands alike to see an item’s journey from creation to sale, understand exactly where the product has come from and prove its provenance.

First Battery-Free Bluetooth® Sticker Sensor Tag Demonstrated at NRF

January 14, 2019
Amazon Web Services, Avery Dennison and Samsung join Wiliot’s original investor group for a $30 Million Series B Funding Round, anticipating a future where paper thin battery-free Bluetooth sensors connect people with packaging and products.

Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labels Are Making Things Smarter

January 13, 2019
A renewed portfolio of innovative products will be launched during the show focused on meeting retailer demands for increased efficiency and visibility, reducing waste and cost and ultimately enhancing the consumer experience.

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