National Siblings Day

As the official names, numbers, and sleeve badge supplier to the Premier League we are always looking for creative ways to showcase the partnership and support the league’s own marketing efforts.

The @PLinUSA social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram celebrate Premier League fandom across the country. From waking up early to catch the games to gathering at local establishments to support a specific club, the accounts cover all aspects of being a US based fan.

This year we came together with the Premier League to support a fun execution for National Siblings Day. They reached out to their network of youth organizations to find diverse groups of siblings who love the league and Avery Dennison supplied fully customized jerseys from every club to be sent as gifts for this special day.


As you might expect, the jerseys were well received and kids everywhere shared images of them and their siblings wearing their new gear. We’re delighted to support the community building that the Premier League is undertaking in the USA.


April 2021

Made to Mention: Digitalization

Our new trends and insights magazine from the apparel team at Avery Dennison captures the challenges that we face collectively as an industry, and the opportunities they raise for creative thinking and meaningful action.

May 2021

Inspire, Inform, Innovate

WeAr is a leading global fashion B2B magazine, focused on the latest technology, innovation and trends in the fashion industry. We partnered with WeAr magazine to bring you a free download of their April 2021 ‘Bestseller Issue’, in any one of eight languages.

May 2021

Art Comes First Explore Craftsmanship and Sustainable Culture

With restrictions in their usual activities, the duo at Art Comes First decided to take their experiences to West Africa, to learn more about the incredible craftsmanship and ingrained sustainable culture through the eyes of the locals. This project gave birth to another extension of the ACF Collective: the African Creative Factory.