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Digital transformation continues to be the driving force that is enabling brands and retailers to improve operational agility, drive meaningful consumer engagement, and future-proof business models. Our recently-launched Made to Mention magazine explores digitalization as a means of building the infrastructure and visibility that is vital to meet evolving industry and consumer demands. 

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We are excited to share that we have a limited number of printed copies of our magazine for you to read, reference and treasure, or pass on to friends and colleagues as you go along your digital journey. And that’s not all. We partnered with WeAr magazine to bring you a free download of their April 2021 ‘Bestseller Issue’, in any one of eight languages. 

WeAr is a leading global fashion B2B magazine, focused on helping fashion retailers improve their business through showcasing the latest technology, innovation and trends that facilitate retailers, brands and designers to be up-to-date in this fast evolving industry.

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April 2021

Made to Mention: Digitalization

Our new trends and insights magazine from the apparel team at Avery Dennison captures the challenges that we face collectively as an industry, and the opportunities they raise for creative thinking and meaningful action.

May 2021

National Siblings Day

We teamed up with the Premier League to gift fully customized jerseys to young siblings across the USA for National Siblings Day. You’d be surprised how many siblings have chosen different Premier League teams to support.


May 2021

Art Comes First Explore Craftsmanship and Sustainable Culture

With restrictions in their usual activities, the duo at Art Comes First decided to take their experiences to West Africa, to learn more about the incredible craftsmanship and ingrained sustainable culture through the eyes of the locals. This project gave birth to another extension of the ACF Collective: the African Creative Factory.