Unlock vast possibilities with a Digital Care Label

The bridge to a more circular economy

Not only are consumers looking to brands to tell them how to wash their garments correctly, but they are also demanding sustainability and recycling information when it comes to their garments. This all starts with the Digital Care Label. It is a gateway that allows recyclers/resellers to identify the material later on in the garment life cycle; and it allows retailers/brands to provide consumers with transparency across the supply chain as well as giving retailers/brand new digital revenue streams as this becomes direct to consumer touch points. All helping to advance the circular economy.

It is time to re-imagine the way you think about a traditional care label.

QR codes have become a part of our daily lives and that is no different when it comes to the clothes we wear on our back. Avery Dennison's Digital Care Label features a QR code so consumers can scan with ease to unlock a branded digital experience where they can learn the material composition, how to care for their garment, as so much more, all accessible via mobile web or native app.


In a world where consumers are demanding transparency, the Digital Care Label is a game-changing innovation which opens a window to the product’s journey across the supply chain.


It is time to inspire shoppers with storytelling that goes beyond traditional digital marketing. With the pairing of a Digital Care Label and a care label app or link to a branded website, your garment becomes a new direct-to-consumer channel as well as a strategic digital marketing channel.


Today, brands need new and unique ways to engage consumers post-purchase. With the Digital Care Label, you can now provide a bespoken experience like no other, unlocking opportunities to maximize consumer interaction after purchase.


Labels removed on the garments increase the risk of the garment ending up in landfill. The Digital Care Label allows fabric content information for recycling or reselling purposes, enabling the garment to advance in the circular economy.


It all starts with a Digital Care label

With circularity becoming the biggest distributor to the fashion industry over the next decade, the Digital Care Label helps to bridge a more circular economy and is important for a sustainable apparel industry. The #caretobethechange campaign strives to build awareness around the importance of having a Digital Care Label attached to a garment to enable circularity. Come on our journey and join the movement of #caretobethechange to evoke change in the way consumers think about a traditional care label.

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