Q: What is The R Collective’s upcycled Denim Reimagined collection?

  • The nine-piece upcycled Denim Reimagined collection is designed by award-winning Hong Kong designer Jesse Lee and made with denim provided by Levi Strauss & Co.

  • The Avery Dennison’s innovative product labeling used in the collection, activated with our in-house solution,  offers consumers the digital experiences to learn about sustainable clothing care


Q. What are the digital experiences? 

  • By simply scanning the QR code on the garment’s care label, you will receive one of four different sustainability messages and videos: 

    • Product Journey:  featuring unique details of how the garment was made

    • Sustainable Consumer Care Education:  featuring how to care for clothes to reduce clothing’s climate impact

    • Restyle, Repair, Reuse:  featuring solutions to keep fashion in use and out of landfills

    • Denim Reimagined story: featuring the collection’s story


Q. When and where can I order/purchase the Denim Reimagined collection?

  •  The collection is available for pre-order on TheRCollective.com from 4 May and for retail at Levi’s® store in
     Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA from 11 May.


Q. What is the #WearAndCare sustainable consumer care campaign?

  • The #WearAndCare campaign, funded by the LS&Co. Collaboratory fellowship program, aims at educating the public on sustainable clothing care with the messages: ‘Wash Less’, ‘Wash Cold’ ‘Line Dry’ and ‘Donate to Charity’



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