Avery Dennison RBIS Factory Case Study

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Case Study - Must Garment,
Hong Kong

The challenge – paper overload

Since 1981, Must Garments has developed into an international company manufacturing and supplying high quality garments to top brands in the U.S. and Europe. In satisfying the demand from a modern Southern Style Department Store chain in the USA (Belk), they were involved in some time-consuming activities that affected efficiency. Variable data received from this major customer was in hard copy which had to be transferred manually to Avery Dennison order forms for placing orders with the factory. Considering that in the first week of November, Must Garment needed to  complete more than 700 order forms with SKU data, and not all their customer’s purchase order data is relevant to the factory, there were concerns about time and efficiency in cross-checking, not to mention data accuracy.

How did Avery Dennison react to the challenge?

The problem was difficult but the solution was simple. Avery Dennison Customer Service immediately recognized that the variable data (style, size, item#, color, UPC) of the e-commerce sticker is the same as the EDI of the price ticket. Upon Must Garment’s request for order placement, Customer Service were able to help  to pull out the related data from the EDI pool and send it to the factory to add supplementary information. Eliminating the need for the factory to fill in all of the variable information manually and instead just provide the description and quantity according to the data facilitated the order transfer to meet production requirements!

Order quality and speed improvement

Feedback from Must Garment indicated that with Avery Dennison’s support, order processing quality has improved at least 50% while order placement time has been drastically reduced. At the same time the extra workload of data checking before placing orders with Avery Dennison no longer exists. Must Garment were full of appreciation for the quick fix in helping them speed up order placement and improve data accuracy in a much simpler way.

A good experience – simple and quick

Avery Dennison were able to draw upon years of experience to find a simple solution to solve Must Garment’s problems quickly and efficiently. This collaborative effort has had a significant positive impact on improving efficiencies and quality, making doing business with Avery Dennison a good experience.

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