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Avery Dennison at RethinkConnect

Featured in Forbes, RethinkConnect (RTC) is a global hub where industry change agents and creative entrepreneurs connect to explore furthering their business objectives and goals. On July 10, 2018, RTC hosted their first Experiential Marketing Symposium in New York City where more than 100 professionals attended to learn from industry thought leaders, content creators, decision makers and creatives.

Michael Colarossi, Vice President, Product Line Management, Innovation and Sustainability, Avery Dennison was invited to be part of a panel where he discussed how the humble label can have dramatic impact on brands:

Avery Dennison is working to disrupt the traditional role of packaging and labels to drive new and exciting use cases by digitally enabling everyday items in the world around us. We are looking to lead the industry in new solutions by engaging our own experts in materials science and technology and amplifying that impact through new ecosystem partners and the best and brightest minds of the startup community.

Michael Colarossi

As retailers, brands and consumers move beyond the traditional in-store experience and look for a seamless experience regardless of location, the humble label is no longer a push mechanism for information. Instead, it can become the portal to drive meaningful engagement, new marketing opportunities and revolutionize the way products can work together on our behalf.


Another element of that trust is transparency. Consumers want to know that the product they purchased is authentic and where and how the products they use and consume were made. Today, many brands use our brand protection technologies to ensure product authenticity. By providing each label with a digital identity, retailers and brands will be able to tell a story to their users while enabling full transparency across the supply chain. They can also enable the circular economy by providing information in secondary markets and by encouraging appropriate action at the end of life of a product.


There is a misconception that marketing and sales are the same thing: the reality is that we need to get back to basics and focus on the elements of the marketing funnel, while building customer trust, in order to generate purchases.”
In order to effectively grow a business, companies must invest time, energy, and resources in how their consumers experience their products. User acquisition is one aspects of marketing but retention and developing a reputation is paramount.

Dalia Strum
Founder, RethinkConnect

Colarossi finalized the conversation with Henry Ford’s famous quote about the Model T, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants, so long as it is black,” explaining this is still an opportunity in today’s market for brands and retailers to drive personalized products and experiences that the modern consumer demands. We are surrounded by visual visionaries and our role is to help them deliver the bespoke, inspired products to a wide variety of consumers around the globe.  

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