Francisco Melo

Vice President and General Manager, Avery Dennison Smartrac

Retail Branding and Information Solutions

Francisco Melo is vice president and general manager, Global RFID, Retail Branding and Information Solutions for Avery Dennison Corporation. As a leader of global RFID, Francisco directs and guides in-store, supply chain and manufacturing information solutions using radio frequency identification (RFID) in order to help retailers and brand owners across the globe to accelerate performance and improve efficiencies.

Portrait of Francisco Melo

What inspires me:
“I love technology, and I get inspired by its power to drive change. And, I’m constantly motivated by the work we do and the impact it has on the community.”

Francisco Melo is the vice president and general manager for Avery Dennison Smartrac. In this capacity, Mr. Melo directs and guides the strategy for digital ID solutions globally, working with brands and enterprise customers, to enable them to capture the benefits of enabling every item with a unique digital identity and digital life. 

Prior to joining Avery Dennison, Mr. Melo was a co-founder and CEO of Creativesystems (today part of Sensormatic), an RFID systems integrator and SW developer company. His earlier career includes extensive international experience in management, consulting, and business development with Synectics Inc. and Altran, as well as market development and product development roles at Royal Philips Electronics.

Mr. Melo has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and a Masters of Science in Instrument Design and Application, from The University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. He is passionate about how technology enables a better world, and how creativity is at the heart of disruption and progress, collaborating with the Porto Business School (PBS) at the University of Porto (Portugal) in the field of innovation and creativity.

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