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Driven by technology, the I.Lab is a state-of-the-art experience center in Oegstgeest, Netherlands, that showcases Avery Dennison’s capabilities in RFID and intelligent labeling, offering hands-on experiences, live demonstrations, and customer case studies. The center’s interactive displays exhibit Avery Dennison’s work to transform multiple industries, from retail and apparel to food, with goals to expand intelligent labelling solutions to other areas such as cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and aviation. 

Visit I.Lab, the Avery Dennison
Innovation Center in
Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Interact with live demonstrations, meet with our experts, and get hands-on experience with the
technology of tomorrow.

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What's at I.Lab?

The I.Lab displays a broad selection these of innovations, solutions, and RFID technologies, including:

Internet of Things and the Consumer Experience
Avery Dennison’s Janela™ solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, equips apparel and footwear products with a unique identity that allows products to capture real-time data and enhance consumer experiences in the first large scale digital enablement of everyday products.

Together, with EVRYTHNG, Avery Dennison RBIS recently announced a collaboration with New York fashion brand Rochambeau to produce an exclusive Fall/Winter run of ‘BRIGHT BMBR’ connected jackets powered by Avery Dennison’s Janela™ Smart Products Platform and EVRYTHNG’s intelligent IoT cloud; another collaboration included designer Rebecca Minkoff and the first-ever smart bag for her spring/summer 2017 runway event, which also featured the Janela™ solution.

Avery Dennison develops products and services that encourage sustainable business practices and address the environmental and social impacts of industries. Avery Dennison RFID SmartFace™ Technology removes a PET layer and replaces it with a paper substrate, creating a recyclable solution to reduce environmental impact.

Recently, Avery Dennison RFID and long-standing partner NXP introduced 12-inch wafers for long range UHF RFID solutions. Compared to the current 8 inch wafers, the larger wafer works by delivering a significant improvement in production capacity and assembly as well as increased utilization of existing materials, reducing chemical, manufacturing waste and energy consumption. SmartFace™ Technology, combined with the new 12 inch wafers, creates one of the most sustainable RFID solutions on the market.


I.Lab building

In 2016, Avery Dennison's RFID solutions achieved a milestone in partnering with a major airline to launch a first-ever global RFID bag tracking system, enabling the carrier to achieve a 99.9 success rate in monitoring bags through screening, sorting and transit.  

Avery Dennison's RFID division worked with the airline to provide its AD-550m5 inlays for the new system. Integrated RFID technology enables bags to be scanned with no line of sight, while the tags are moving through the collection and delivery process at the airport.

Avery Dennison is working with major food retailers in the UK, Europe and United States to provide RFID solutions for the food industry. From the distribution unit to the fresh food item level, Avery Dennison is leveraging RFID to replace the manual or barcode-driven systems with high-speed technology, ultimately improving distribution accuracy, food stock management, and the labor cost to inspect foods. Increased visibility of use-by dates on highly perishable foods, like meat and fish, has shown a 20 percent reduction in waste.


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