Traditional Meets Experimental Denim

Avery Dennison is proud to partner with one of the denim industries most innovative denim leaders, Japanese brand, FDMTL. Gaku Tsuyoshi, brand founder and creative director, blends traditional denim techniques with innovative, new technologies to create unique indigo ranges. The brand is based out of Tokyo with their own store based in the trendy Ebisu area. FDMTL stocks it’s own ranges of limited edition pieces as well as various collaborations with brands such as Vans, Masterpiece, ASICs and New Era, just to name a few, making the store a destination for denim-heads. Our ongoing partnership with FDMTL focuses on pushing the boundaries of originative fabric design and exploring new forms of craftsmanship through our external embellishments.


Celebrating Demin In Tokyo

Avery Dennison RBIS partnered with Japanese denim brand, FDMTL, to create an exhibition and pop-up customization event for five days at Rocket Gallery, Omotesando Hills in Tokyo. FDMTL showcased an impressive arrangement of pieces, from traditional patchwork boro fabrics to archive products made from vintage Japanese materials as well as new products and innovations.

We worked closely with the design team at FDMTL to develop and perfect replica boro techniques that paid homage to the iconic aesthetic but that could also be produced at scale. The result was a striking Component Weave™ indigo fabric, expertly engineered with authentic indigo yarns to recreate a traditional patchwork effect. The idea was to celebrate the craftsmanship of traditional Boro which involves time-intensive manual work which simultaneously makes it unsuitable for mass production. FDMTL used the Avery Dennison Component Weave™ technology as the key fabric across footwear, backpacks, accessories and caps in collaboration with Vans, New Era and Masterpiece.

LGM Graphic Solutions partnered on the event as well, producing a denim patchwork floor vinyl, made from photo realistic materials. The launch night welcomed many attendees including brands such as ASICS, New Era Japan, ABC Mart, Masterpiece, Znter, Isetan, United Arrows, Eddie Bauer Japan, Beams co., Ltd, AKQA, B's International, Jumble and as well as fashion director, Poggy The Man. We partnered with indigo experts Denim Dudes and John Jarret from We Are Outlanders, who were invited on a three day trip to Tokyo for the event. The influencers received a one-on-one session with the Avery Dennison and FDMTL creative teams to learn about the techniques used to create the bespoke items within the collection. Guests were invited to customize denim tote bags with woven patches and heat transfer embellishments to create their own bespoke design.

FDMTL Hosts Toy Story 4
Pop Up Event In Hong Kong


FDMTL celebrated the launch of the special Toy Story 4 collection partnership with Disney in September, 2019. For the film release FDMTL presented a pop-up event at the Popcorn Supply store in Hong Kong, launching their Toy Story inspired collection.Avery Dennison provided a heat press customization experience and supplied a range of embellishments designed by FDMTL which were inspired by the new film. Guests enjoyed customizing garments and accessories creating one-off pieces to take home. Alongside this, a limited edition range of Woody dolls dressed head to toe in FDMTL clothing were available for purchase.

Gaku Tsuyoshi, Founder and Director of FDMTL

“I use a lot of indigo materials to make clothes. Usually, the value of clothing is reduced by wearing it, but the value of clothing made with indigo increases as it wears and ages. Avery Dennison offers us materials such as woven labels, embroidery patches, and jacquard fabric with new technology [...] and also it's sustainable. I'm able to concentrate on the designs more after we started working together”.

Celebrating 130th Anniversary Of Namesake Denim Brand Lee Jeans!
Limited Edition FDMTL Products
Created For Touring Pop-up Store.

More recently we were thrilled to see the boro Component Weave™ fabric used as part of a special collaboration with Lee Jeans to celebrate their 130th anniversary. Lee jeans hosted a touring pop-up store from 25th September - 31st October, making its way through China, Japan, Thailand and the Philippines. They also hosted a range of promotional activities and events to share the celebration with visitors and guests at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong. FDMTL partnered with Lee, to create a limited edition jacket completely made from our unique boro Component Weave™ fabric.

KOLs, guests and celebrities who attended were able to customize any Lee denim products with the hot stamping service on offer. For the anniversary Lee playfully resurrected it’s iconic mascot, Buddy Lee. The figurine was designed and dressed in replica boro garments and accessories, becoming a beautiful keepsake for indigo fans to take home with their newest denim pieces.


Avery Dennison Boro Bear
Experience At Kingpins, Amsterdam 2019

The success of the Boro exhibition showcased a few months earlier in Tokyo gave us the inspiration to take it on the road to the Kingpins Show in Amsterdam! As well as exhibiting a range of products from the recent boro collection, we showcased a larger than life Boro bear, creating a special experience for guests who attended the tradeshow. The idea for the bear originally came from FDMTL’s ongoing collaboration with BE@RBRICK which creates signature bear collectables. The oversized bear was carefully crafted with our signature jacquard-weaving Component Weave™ technology in FDMTL’s boro design.

The famous Boro bear created a moment for visitors to stop by, view our latest materials and technologies, as well as engage in the photo booth experience! Gaku Tsuyoshi, the founder of FDMTL, visited to discuss traditional boro techniques in person as well as our denim partners, Denim Dudes who spoke at the event. Guests were gifted with free woven patches and the booth offered a chance to gain further insights on sustainable denim branding and indigo fabrics produced by Avery Dennison.

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