Inspiring Teams & Supporting Dreams

For refugees, sport is much more than a leisure activity. It’s a way to cope and connect in challenging circumstances. That’s why Avery Dennison joined forces with the Klabu Foundation to create a sustainable sports club in Kenya. The Foundation funds new sports facilities, buys equipment and trains local sports managers. Avery Dennison were proud to pitch in, supplying embellishments, hangtags and packaging for the Klabu kit that’s worn by the staff, managers and players.


Our team produced the Klabu crest, two camels crossed at the neck, that proudly adorns each brightly coloured kit. It stands as a symbol of togetherness and partnership that underpins the Klabu programme. And through our expertise in team sports embellishments, we also supplied the distinctive chest and sleeve logos, as well as the back graphics and neck tape. Much more than a badge, these kits help unite a community of different beliefs and backgrounds. They bring people together through a sense of shared purpose. In a difficult world full of division, they give players and staff a collective pride, and that’s a sentiment Avery Dennison wanted to support.


“It’s a great privilege to work with Avery Dennison on our mission to set up sports clubs with young refugees. During the entire process, from creation to promotion of the kits linked to the sports clubs, Avery Dennison has been advising and supporting us to reach the highest standard. Thanks to them, we’re able to multiply our impact”.

Jan van Hövell, Founder, Klabu Foundation

Klabu is based in the Kalobeyei Refugee Settlement in Kenya, where nearly 38,000 refugees live. It’s a place where both refugees and local people can rent sports and games equipment at affordable rates, as well as playing and enjoying sport. The programme, and the Klabu kits, help the community come together as one. There’s an increased sense of self-reliance and ownership and Avery Dennison continues to support the success of such a positive project. Moving forward, we’ll supply special packaging for the kits to be sent to influencers. This helps spread the word about the fantastic work being done, bringing sport, identity and empowerment to displaced refugees worldwide. It is a powerful, meaningful project that Avery Dennison are proud to be a part of. The Klabu sports club is now a permanent project, with a view to setting up similar sports clubs in more refugee camps worldwide. Today, Klabu House is a lively and colourful place that’s bringing a fractured community closer.

See and support Klabu at klabu.org

Football As A Force For Good

As the official supplier of names and numbers for the world’s biggest football clubs and leagues, we were honored to join our brand partners, Barça Foundation and Premier League, and our non-profit organization partner, Klabu Foundation, at the World Football Summit 2019 to discuss how football can be used as a force for good to bring communities together.

A panel discussion was moderated by Evgeniya Subbotina, Business Unit Director at Avery Dennison, who was joined by:

  • Aisha Al-Said Albella, Head of Partnerships, Innovation and Knowledge at Barça Foundation
  • Jan van Hövell, Founder of Klabu Foundation
  • Ross McKinley, Schools Programmes Manager at the Premier League Charitable Fund

    Watch the recorded panel below to learn more about the power of football in creating a sense of community, the programs that each of our partners are driving to help youth groups living in challenging circumstances, and the responsibilities of large organizations to give back.

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