The R-Collective

Rescue, Reuse, Reimagine

The R Collective is a social impact upcycled fashion brand with a mission to create beautiful clothes using waste materials. It was born from Redress, the pioneering Hong Kong based charity working since 2007 to reduce waste in fashion. The collections are created by rescuing the fashion industry’s excess materials, which were destined for landfill, incineration or downcycling. The R Collective seeks to unite innovative design with responsible manufacturing and labeling to reduce climate impact and clean up consumer care habits. As a result, our partnership with The R Collective is focused on intelligent labeling, engaging consumer care campaigns and sustainable core branding.


Upcycled Collection Released On NET-A-PORTER

The R Collective is driving change by reusing waste materials from the textile industry and reimagining into exciting sustainable designer collaborations. The brand donates 25 percent of their profits to fuel positive change within the fashion industry. We have partnered with The R Collective on their newest exclusive collection for NET-A-PORTER, available on NET SUSTAIN. The R Collective’s eight-piece upcycled collection features dresses, pants and a jacket, and was designed in collaboration with award-winning sustainable designers, Wen Pan and Weiyu Hung. The collection celebrates the beauty of upcycling, circular fashion and to prove that luxury fashion need not be wasteful.

“We’re passionate about uniting sustainable designers and increasingly conscious consumers in our efforts to reduce fashion’s waste, whilst celebrating the power of fashion to be an agent of change”.

The R Collective’s Founder, Christina Dean

The brand partnerships team collaborated with The R Collective on a range of products that echo our sustainability goals. These products have been packaged up into a toolkit showcasing a range of sustainable care labeling options, recycled yarn labeling and a water soluble hang tag which details key information around the collection. The brand has also explored denim back patch options in Jacron materials, an alternative to leather. By promoting the message “Wash Less, Wear More” through considered labeling, these products enable consumers to find out how to care for their garments more sustainably, as well as information around the brand’s sustainability mission.

“Through The R Collective's partnership with Avery Dennison, we are innovating new ways to deliver our branding and core values through sustainable labeling materials, from woven brand labels produced from recycled yarns to zero-waste water-soluble hangtags and innovative solutions, to communicate our ‘#WearAndCare' campaign.”

Christina Dean, founder The R Collective and Redress

The R Collective
Launches Digital Initiative
To Shape The Future Of Sustainable Fashion

Avery Dennison joined forces with The R Collective to digitize a special upcycled
 ‘Denim Reimagined’ collection, supported by Levi’s®, to minimize jeans’ climate impact and lead with sustainability in consumer care.

Avery Dennison provided innovative product labeling, made from recycled materials and using zero-waste water-soluble materials, which is then digitally activated with our Janela™ solution. Consumers can scan the unique QR code on the garment’s care label to discover key information on the clothing item.

When scanned, the consumer goes on a journey to receive four different sustainability messages and videos each time they scan including: Product Journey; Sustainable Consumer Care Education; Restyle, Repair, Reuse; and Denim Reimagined Story.

“Working with Avery Dennison, we are quite literally turning each clothing item into a direct-to-consumer channel to educate and engage consumers with our denim’s sustainability, while also providing the product authenticity and transparency information they demand.”

Christina Dean, founder The R Collective and Redress


Additionally, to signify the collection launch, The R Collective launched its #WearAndCare global sustainable consumer care campaign to educate the public on the importance of sustainable clothing care.The way consumers wash, dry and dispose of clothing contributes to 37% of clothes’ total climate change impact.In support of the campaign, Avery Dennison created a range of woven label patches with messages, to remind consumers to lower their washing temperature and be mindful of sustainable care.Together, we spearheaded an innovative initiative that is taking positive steps to address the significant sustainability challenges facing the apparel industry.


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