Hooping, Inspiring, & Spreading The Love Of The Game

For Veniceball the name says it all. Venice beach is a legendary hub for outdoor basketball. It is all about basketball culture with its chilled vibes and cool beats. Veniceball originally united the best hoopers from around Los Angeles but it has now turned into a global movement. Alongside their signature summer league they host vibrant events all over the world to spread the love of basketball. Their groundbreaking HOOPBUSTM is iconic, hitting the road with teams of world class hoopers, artists, and content creators on epic, cross-country tours; hooping, inspiring, and spreading the love of the game everywhere they go!


Their Mantra; the #gameneverstops!

Avery Dennison Joins Forces
With Veniceball to#ShowChiLove
During The NBA All Star Weekend 2020 In Chicago.

The #ShowChiLove basketball festival took place during the recent NBA All Star Weekend 2020 in Chicago. All eyes were focused on Chicago for that one week and the buzz in the city energized all the activity taking place. Together with our brand partner Veniceball we were able to harness the energy of the basketball world! Veniceball orchestrated the takeover over a local, non-profit gym facility called Breakthrough Familyplex for the whole week, transforming the court with a fresh new look that will continue to inspire for years to come.

Avery Dennison contributed to a shared goal; to create memorable experiences for the local community. We had a packed agenda; from pro-tournaments, dunk contests and celebrity games to a pop-up shop and customization experience. Avery Dennison provided all embellishment and branding solutions for the player uniforms as well as powering the limited edition customization experience for the local community. The results on and off the court were impressive to say the least.

After the event, Veniceball continued to live up to their mantra that the #gameneverstops! After wrapping up in Chicago they drove the HoopbusTM back across the country to its home in Los Angeles, turning up just in time for a special appearance at the Kobe Memorial at the Staples Center and finally debuted a limited edition “1 of 1” lifestyle apparel collection via their online store inspired by the Show Chi Love experience.


Simply put; a modified schoolbus with a basketball hoop on the front and back, but it’s so much more…#JumpOnIt

The Hoopbus is a vehicle that unites communities. Since day one, Veniceball’s passion and purpose has centered on uniting communities through basketball. The Hoopbus connects with many different communities through a shared love of basketball and a passion for change. Touring the country inspiring people and giving back.

The message is one of inclusivity! Showing up and being proud of being different, diverse, and standing for that is what basketball is all about. Hoop anywhere, with anyone and don’t ever let people tell you what you can and can’t do. Basketball is more than just a sport, it’s a language, and a personal journey. Basketball connects people, everyone from influencers, pro athletes to students. All walks of life sharing a common bond. This is a playing field that’s leveled. Everyone’s got a chance. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the fame, it’s about moving the culture and people’s minds forward, through hoops--in a way that has never been done before. The hoopbus is a platform to celebrate creativity and diversity within our communities.


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