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Consumers expect transparency from brands more than ever

Apparel Solutions partners with Christopher Raeburn and Fashion Revolution, reinforcing commitment to sustainability

Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions partnered with several sustainable brands to communicate the importance of transparency and minimal waste in a number of initiatives in London during Fashion Revolution Week, an initiative that encourages consumers to think about #whomademyclothes and brands to be more transparent in their supply chains.

Accordingly, Apparel Solutions focused on what this means for our own transparency, while delivering innovative products that reduce our environmental footprint.

From April 24-30, Fashion Revolution Week is observed to mark the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse on April 24, 2013, which killed 1,138 workers and injured many more

Apparel Solutions facilities, and people in specific, play a valuable role providing our customers with the latest in innovation and trends. Operating world-class manufacturing facilities, offering branding, retail and technical solutions, our global sites are designed to efficiently meet the needs of our customers, regardless of where they are.

Established in 2000, our Panyu facility in Guangzhou, China, provides global garment and textile brands with breakthrough apparel labeling and branding solutions, operating with excellent quality and service. With over 40,062 square meters operated by nearly 3,800 employees, Panyu leads world-class thermal printing, RFID applications, printed fabric labels, heat transfer labels and woven labels. Guided by our 2025 sustainability goals, we work hard to ensure our employees are treated fairly and with respect, while delivering innovative products that reduce our environmental footprint to the best of our abilities.

And this is where campaign patches were made.

“We loved working with Avery Dennison Apparel Solutions on our patch films! We feel that Fashion Revolution can be joyous and fun while still exploring difficult issues, and we know that this is our power and the reason we are successful and persuasive,” said Orsola De Castro, founder and creative director, Fashion Revolution. “Apparel Solutions has understood our ethos, and have been supporting us for over one year now, in creating little projects that make a lot of noise and get us a lot of visibility.”

Apparel Solutions X Fashion Revolution: A sustainable match made in fashion

Apparel Solutions has previously supplied materials and leftover sampling patches to the organization to help them educate consumers on the importance of transparency in the supply chain and their own footprint. The most recent effort was to create bespoke patches for an educational video, encouraging consumers to upcycle their clothes while reducing their impact on carbon, waste and water footprints.

The video, #Haulternative FASHION FIX: How to sew on a patch, educates viewers on how to extend the life of their clothes, featuring the Fashion Revolution patches, made by Apparel Solutions with up to 90% recycled yarns.

The videos were a feature part of the campaign describing the manufacturing process and Apparel Solutions’ world class-facilities in Panyu, China.

A tote above the rest at Christopher Ræburn Studios, London
Apparel Solutions also collaborated with designer Christopher Raeburn and Fashion Revolution to showcase each company’s commitment to being more sustainable: brightly colored woven badges made by Apparel Solutions with recycled yarns, inspired by Christopher Raeburn’s iconic animal collection were the most popular, followed closely by the Agility® HD Heat Transfers, featuring striking photographic inspirations depicting recent collections, were key products for a customization event.

“Transparency is integral to the brand and the REMADE in England ethos,” said designer Christopher Ræburn. “The chance to meet with like minded people and show how much love can be put into creating something special and unique is invaluable.”

Learn more about Avery Dennison’s sustainability efforts at averydennison.com/rbissustainability.

Want to know more about how you can drive a fashion revolution? Visit FashionRevolution.org.

Learn more about Avery Dennison’s sustainability efforts at averydennison.com/rbissustainability.

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