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Opening Doors in Innovation: the Avery Dennison I.Lab™

Tech innovation center offers expanded capabilities for brands and retailers

What did we do before same-day delivery? Instant access to product reviews? Click and collect? It’s amazing to think that a few years ago, we did not live in such a connected world as we do today.

Over the past 10 years, Avery Dennison has seen the adoption of RFID take hold in apparel retail. Initially developed to drive efficiencies and increase inventory accuracy, technology is now also being used to drive interactive experiences; from magic mirrors (thanks to partners like Oak Labs) to triggering unique item-level experiences and even self check-out. RFID is truly transforming the apparel industry.

And now, Avery Dennison’s journey in intelligent labeling continues beyond apparel retail. The opening of I.Lab, our latest technology innovation center in the Netherlands, is a pivotal moment for Avery Dennison - we've combined our technical capabilities and materials science expertise to showcase applications within and beyond the retail and apparel space.

“Avery Dennison has helped pioneer the integration of RFID technology in apparel, creating the largest and fastest-growing segment of RFID adoption, delivering more than 10 billion units, and expansion in the aviation, automotive, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and beauty industries. There is substantial market potential with this technology,” said Francisco Melo, our vice president and general manager of Global RFID. “I.Lab creates a space for innovation, creativity and hands-on experiences, driven by this technology for customers and partners alike.”

The center shows how our solutions are impacting multiple industries, from retail and apparel to the food industry, recently expanding to pharmaceuticals, aviation, automotive, and more.

I.Lab puts a spotlight on the power and potential of intelligent labels. Our JanelaTM solution, offer brands and retailers the opportunity to interact directly with consumers through a connected product.

Technology is transforming the world we live in. With new enablers and innovation, coupled with consumer and user demand there is one solution to address demands - intelligent labels.

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