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From concept to catwalk: Apparel Solutions brands BRIGHT BMBR jacket for NYFW goers

Behind the scenes of Apparel Solutions’ branding and technology capabilities

Forget walk-ins. The next dream closet is digital.

Avery Dennison’s Janela™ solution, allows brands to digitize their products at the point of manufacture enabling apparel and footwear products to be ‘born digital’ – created with a unique, serialized label and digital identity in the cloud that can access applications and analytics. For fashion brands, this is the gateway to an elevated consumer experience.

Bringing the technology to life, we recently collaborated with New York City-based menswear brand Rochambeau and hybrid media/retail company The New Stand to create the BRIGHT BMBR, offering consumers access to unique personalized experiences through the jacket itself - like access to exclusive NYC restaurants, nightclubs and art galleries through our Janela™ solution. The jacket then became the wearer’s VIP pass to the Rochambeau autumn/winter 17 catwalk show this week at New York Fashion Week.

The BRIGHT BMBR  features five of Apparel Solutions’ solutions: Janela™, a custom printed fabric label, heat transfer external embellishment, Scodix graphic hangtag, and dissolvable paper.  

For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the BRIGHT BMBR, Rana Sidahmed, creative director at Apparel Solutions, shared the collaboration process and Apparel Solutions’ branding and tech capabilities.

Where did the design originate? How was the experience thought through?
We collaborated with Laurence Chandler of Rochambeau to understand what they were looking for in a jacket that incorporates digital content and services. Then, we thought through the user experience and how will it function, putting ourselves in the consumer’s shoes.

Heather Rossi, senior graphic designer at Apparel Solutions and project partner, mentioned, “The “R” on the sleeve, for instance, indicates that’s where you tap your smartphone to trigger the experiences- it’s simple, it’s smart.”

What Apparel Solutions solutions are incorporated in the jacket?

1. Janela™

What excited Rochambeau was the opportunity to create a curated  experience; the design team believed that they could highlight the strengths of their brand and paint a complete picture of who they are - tech-centric and savvy - incorporating their desired content into a not-just-any-place, unique NYC experience.


2. Printed fabric label and external embellishment on sleeve

Rochambeau included a hidden pocket zipper on the sleeve. Through the collaboration, we created the idea to unzip the pocket and reveal a well-designed label, bringing design cues from the outside in. The indicia on the printed fabric label inside the sleeve is double-sided and features the camel design, mirroring the jacket.

This label includes a QR code and NFC technology, allowing the consumer to interact with the  jacket tag through any smartphone. We heat applied a woven “R” element as the trigger point on the outside of the sleeve. This showed NFC users where to tap their phone to interact with the jacket. For iPhone users, it indicated the location of the hidden pocket for them to unzip, pull out the printed fabric label and scan the QR code.

sleeve printed fabric label and external embellishment



3. Scodix graphic hangtag

A designed graphic tag using our new print enhancement solution, Scodix, housed the instruction manual for the digitally enabled BMBR. Scodix features key design elements with depth, sheen and texture to bring the design to life. 

Scodix hangtag



4. Dissolvable paper

The instruction manual insert that conveys the message of how to use Janela™ added another layer of proprietary technology by using our dissolvable paper. If desired, the user will know how to use it, and then poof, it’s gone....it’s very ‘007.’ Both Scodix and this paper represent a sustainable design approach, a commitment for Apparel Solutions and important consideration for consumers.

Dissolvable paper

How do you see the jacket as impacting the customer experience?
The BRIGHT BMBR reshapes the consumer perception of what apparel branding can do. We as consumers are going to start demanding experiences as part of our purchases - you’re not just buying a jacket, you’re buying a lifestyle. This goes hand-and-hand with the notion that consumers want experiences, not things. Building a personalized connection with the consumer also builds loyalty, making the wearer crave what’s next.

From a creative standpoint, what should we look for next in apparel and footwear?
The integration of design, user experience, and functionality. Sustainability is also more of a priority. Your clothes aren’t just there to wear, they’re a blend of design, sustainability and function that should provide you with a full lifestyle complete with digital content and experiences.

What time frame were you working against?
From design to production, it was a quick turnaround - design was a 3-day process, from meeting with the brand to coming up with a solution. The project was based on ‘runway time,’ for both the DECODED Fashion Summit and January deadline for NYFW.

What’s something you wish all brands and designers knew about Apparel Solutions?
The magic happens during the collaboration. We are thought partners, providing strategic creative guidance beyond the label and the innovation and technology to make it happen. The results are bespoke to who you are as a brand, not an off-the-shelf offering.

Anything else you’d like to add?
It's rewarding for us to work with brands like Rochambeau who bend the rules of branding and test the limits of what a product can do.

The capabilities of Janela™, continue in our latest collaboration with Rebecca Minkoff and the first bag to be #borndigital.  

Janela on display at NRF

BRIGHT BMBR showcased at NRF Retail’s Big Show

To learn more about our creative and tech solutions, contact an expert or visit a Customer Design and Innovation Center.

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