Posted on March 26, 2017

As the season begin to twist, the summer naturally sneaks on in. Summer months looming and the inevitable shift where pristine footwear can start to shine, this collaboration between Le Ballon, People Footwear and Avery Dennison puts us on the front foot where laces are concerned.

Limited to just 50 pairs, this special edition shoe was originally designed and put out to mark the EURO 2016 final and edging to a year on, a new Le Ballon season up and running, it's time we took a look at some bespoke treasure. Each shoe sports the French flag on the heel and innersole and feature a woven upper that has been produced from the Avery Dennison RBIS Component Weave Technology. 

Some description
The signature monochrome stripes of Le Ballon bring this release to the front of mind and pull moves from every angle. Simple though strong, a perfect warmer with impending sizzle, while one season draws in, a fashion focused mind starts to wander...